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  Fast, Simple & Secure Payments  

    Make payments in any worldwide leading currency    




   Direct Bank Transfer    

Please contact us and we will provide you our payment details for a direct bank transfer.
This method may take up to 5 days depending on international transfers. If a prompt payment is required please opt to pay by credit or debit card of PayPal instead.

   Credit or Debit Card    

Make direct credit or debit card payments via our website on selected services.
If you require assistance with debit or credit transactions, please contact us.

   PayPal Transfer    

Pay directly from your PayPal account or receive an invoice from us.
Remember to state your estimate number if provided.


Contact Us   

Want to know in more detail about our payment methods? Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What payment methods are available?

We offer direct bank transfers, debit/credit card transaction and PayPal transfers as our means of paying.

1 When must I pay for my service?

We strictly provide services upon confirmation of payment. After paying for our service we shall send you a confirmation of purchase or receipt.

1 How is my payment made secure?

When purchasing for services we provide extra care with transactions by using authorised and external payment solutions such as PayPal . We strictly do not keep your payment details on our website; instead via alternative encrypted measures that we keep on record for up to 6 years as required by law.
If you have any further queries about our security measures, please contact us.

1 Do you keep my payment details?

Yes, we tend to keep payment details when accepting direct bank transfers. For all transfers we shall keep your payment address and invoices up to 6 years as required by law.
Please note that our invoices at anytime will only detail your address not detail your personal payment details.

1 How is payment confirmed?

When a payment is confirmed you shall receive a confirmation email from ourselves stating the amount paid on which date. This email is your receipt, certain services may offer a documented receipt too. If you wish to have a documented receipt, please request for one.
Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder for any emails from us and mark us as a safe sender!

1 How can I pay for an estimate?

On the estimate that you have received, you shall be given options on how to pay. Usually the options are a direct bank transfer or PayPal transfer. Use our payment details and quote the estimate number on your payment so we know which invoice you shall be paying for. Make sure to pay for your estimate before its due date, otherwise the service is automatically cancelled.
When we have received your payment, we shall send a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your payment.
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