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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 What is Learn Native?

Learn Native is a premier language solution company specialising in tuition, consulting and translation services online and privately worldwide in over 30 languages to adults, teenagers and children.

2What makes Learn Native better than other language companies?

At Learn Native we strive to offer tuition, consulting and translation services which are customised exactly to the learner or customer’s needs. We ensure that all our services are tailored by instructors, consultants and language experts that have an education, qualifications and experience in their expertise.

3 What is the difference between our online and private services?

As a company, we provide both online and private services. All tuition, consulting and translation services are available online but only to adults aged 18+.
Whereas, private services are services available in-person where a Learn Native instructor or consultant shall meet or visit you at your place of work, home or a facilitated venue. We provide tuition and consulting services privately to all ages. Our translation services are strictly online (excluding interpreting services)
**Please note that our private services are subject to location availability.

4 I cannot find the service that I am looking for, what should I do?

Chances are that you may not find the service that you are looking for directly on our website. As a company, we pride ourselves on offering customised solutions and provide any worldwide language on service request.
Please contact us detailing your service request and we shall provide further information and a free estimate.

1 How old do I need to be to be able to set up an account?

To set up and register an account, the account holder must be an adult aged 18 or over. We only provide teen and children (ages 4-17) tuition services in person.

2 Is it free to set up an account?

Absolutely. It is free and it always shall be.

3 How do I set up a new account?

To set up a new account, please complete the following steps:
i). Access our registration page and complete our registration form.
ii). Once submitted, you shall then be sent an email asking you to authorise your account. Click on the hyperlink attached in the automated email sent to activate your email.
iii). You now have registered an account with us! Please delete the activation email and keep your username and password safe.

4 Why do I need an account?

By having an account you will be able to access free level tests and access course materials such as lesson material, quizzes and homework.

5 I have forgotten my username and password what should I do?

If you have forgotten your username and password you shall be denied entry on the login page. Please click the link ‘forgotten password’ and you can reset your username and password via your email.
If you have forgotten your email, please contact us.

6 How do I change my profile details?

If you wish to change or update your profile details please access your Dashboard > Profile > Edit. After you have changed or updated your details please confirm changes by clicking ‘Save Changes’.

7 What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is your first point of entry onto your account. This is where you can find all the important links to your profile account.

8 What is the purpose of private messaging on my account?

With private messaging you are able to contact your instructor privately if you have any queries or concerns. When you receive a private message, you shall receive a notification on your profile account and an email notification to notify you personally.

1 What is the difference between 1-on-1, duo, group and class lessons?

At Learn Native, we offer a variety of lesson instruction dynamic depending on your preference. We provide all 1-on-1, duo and group lessons online and privately. Whereas, class dynamic is only available privately.
1-on-1 = 1 Learner
Duo= 2 Learners
Group= 3-6 Learners
Class= 7-15 Learners

2 What should I expect from my instructor?

At Learn Native our Linguists are highly trained, educated, qualified and experienced. Our instructors solely teach in their native language unless it is requested otherwise. Our Linguists have a love for instructing language, business and culture and are able to customise lessons to your satisfaction.
Above all, our instructors are friendly, polite and there to help you with all your pedagogic needs.

3 What is the Native Method?

Please read our method page to find out in full detail.

4 What is the difference between a lesson and a course?

A course is a collection of lessons and tests combined to meet specific learning objectives with a certificate awarded at the end. Whereas, our lesson services are for learners whom prefer to book lessons individually in favour of collaborative courses.
Specifically, lessons are only available online; whereas it is possible to have courses both online and privately.

5 Can I choose which Linguist that I want to learn with?

Yes, when booking online lessons you have the option to book lessons specifically with our Linguists. Whereas with courses and private lessons we setup an instructor(s) to hold your lessons. If you wish to have a specific Linguist of ours, that can be arranged too by purchasing a lesson directly from our Linguist directory page here

6 How can lessons and courses be customised?

For lessons to be customised when booking you must state if you have any specific request of what you wish to learn, which shall be later fulfilled in the lesson.
Whereas, with courses available in our online directory you can request for them to be customised for an additional fee or simply request for a customised course instead mapping your specific needs.

1 How long is a lesson?

A lesson is 45 minutes in length.

2 What kind of lessons do you offer?

We offer online lessons which specialise is in language, business and cultural immersion.

3 How can I book a lesson?

Lessons can be booked online via our online booking portal above.  Alternatively, you can contact us and we can assist you with any booking procedures.

4 What can I expect from a lesson?

Our lessons are held by experienced instructors whom plan a customised lesson as requested by yourself. It is likely that lessons are supported by online whiteboards, presentations or games and exercises as well as reading and listening material to produce a comprehensive learning environment.

5 How do online lessons work?

After successfully booking your lesson, you will be forwarded your instructors Skype contact to use for the lesson to take place. After receiving, this email send your instructor a Skype request before the lesson begins.
When your lesson takes place, make sure to be online 5 minutes before to troubleshoot any possible technical problems and to be ready for the lesson to begin. Your instructor shall contact you when they are ready to begin.
After your lesson(s) we shall send you a feedback form, please fill this in to tell us how your lesson(s) went!

6 I can’t find the lesson that I want, what should I do?

If lessons are fully booked or you cannot find lessons in a specific language you should consider booking a course instead. Failing that, please feel free to contact us directly via email or phone and we shall guide you with your request.

1 How long is a course?

The time length of a course is dependent on the amount of lessons and time frame selected.
Usually, online courses are 40 lessons taken over a 10-week period or can be on an intensive basis fulfilled in 1 or 2 weeks. Business and cultural course lessons and time frames can vary considerably.
Whereas, private courses are also 40 lessons but are only available on an intensive 1 or 2 week basis.
To pass a course, exams will be provided at the end. The completion time of the exams is dependent on the individual course itself.

2 What kind of courses do you offer?

At Learn Native we specialise in offering language, business and cultural immersion courses. Beyond that, on request we offer customised courses specialising in courses tailored for your needs.

3 How can I book a course?

You can book a course by receiving a free quotation from us. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone or email instead.

4 What can I expect from a course?

From the course, you will take lessons with our instructors whom will have expertise knowledge in teaching the subject taught. Usually there are 40 lessons, making up of 10 different chapters. Lessons are 45 minutes each and cover all cognitive learning skills with the support of interactive learning material. You can expect to be challenged, with an online portal offering extra learning materials and homework.
Guidance and support will be offered by our instructors whom shall provide professional feedback at the end of every lesson and answer any questions related to the course. At the end of most courses you will sit tests which upon successful completion learners will receive a digital certificate and a written report card detailing your achievements and how to improve further.

5 How do online courses work?

First of all, to participate in an online course you must enrol by booking with us directly though our online course portal  or by contacting us. After enrolment, you shall gain access to your online course portal where you shall be provided instructions by your instructor on what to expect throughout your course.
Online courses are assigned with instructor-led lessons which take place via Skype. Midway and at the end of the course you will receive written feedback from your instructor detailing your progress. With most courses at the end you will be asked to complete exams which upon successful completion will result in a digital certificate awarded.

6 How do private courses work?

If you are wanting to enrol on a private course, then you must first contact us or fill out our online booking form.
Private courses can take place in-house or at a chosen venue. Lessons can be attended individually, in pairs, groups or classes up to 14 learners depending on your preference. Individual lessons are 45 minutes in length. At this time, it is only possibly to book private courses on an intensive basis, with 40 lessons per week.
After your course we shall send you a feedback form, please fill this in to tell us how your course went!

7 I can’t find the course that I want, what should I do?

If you are unable to find the course that you are looking for then you should seek to contact us via our contact page. By doing so, please state exactly what type of course you are looking for and we shall provide prompt assistance with your request.

1 What is a consultation?

A consultation is where you can book a workshop or conference with our consultants or guest speakers to gain specialised expertise for personal, professional or academic competence.
We offer extended services such as testing too.Testing services is where we provide customised tests as made by our experts to determine your understanding and provide written professional feedback.

1 What type of consultations do you offer?

We strive to provide any consultation on request. Our consultation specialities lay in language, business and academic competences which are customised specifically to your needs. Our consultations take place online or privately and can range in instruction from 1-on-1 or in groups all the way to lectures which accommodate depending on the venue size and preference.

1 How long is a consultation?

A consultation length is dependent on the scope of consultation required. If it is a meeting or a workshop it is measured in sessions, which last 45 minutes per unit. Whereas, conferences are considered an event that is measured by days usually spanning from 1-3 days; sometimes even 1 week!

1 What is the difference between an online consultation and a private consultation?

The only real difference between an online consultation and private consultation is the venue and selectivity. With online consultations, it is possible to book online workshops; whereas with private consultations, workshops and conferences are mostly on an intensive basis. It is not possible to book individual sessions privately.

1 How old must you be to be able to have a consultation?

To be able to participate in a participation you must be aged 18 or over. Although, we do give exceptions to young learners (ages 12-17) whom have permission from their parents/guardians to participate. The parent/guardian is also able to join the consultation freely too.

1 What translation services do you provide?

We provide manual translations from any worldwide language on request, editing of text and design as well as proofreading and localisation services. We specialise our services for all personal, corporate and academic purposes.

1 What languages do you provide for your translation services?

We aim to provide any language translation on request. Click here to see the languages that we currently specialise in.

At this time, we mostly specialise in translations to and from English so it can take time to arrange other translations, particularly of lesser spoken languages.

1 Who shall translate our work?

Our work is translated by certified translators with relevant qualifications and experience in proofreading and translation.

1 How long do translations take?

The timeframe for translations is dependent on the workload assigned. We aim to provide a prompt service and to meet your timeframe, but we assign realistic completion times which ensures good time for quality input by our translators.
We offer fast or competitive translations depending on your urgency for the task to be completed.

1 How is the price of your translation services determined?

The price of the translation is usually determined on the language, word-count, scale of work and timeframe for completion.

For students we provide a 10% discount on all translation services.

1 What is Skype?

With Skype you can made audio and video calls with the support of chat messenger for free. Read more about Skype on their homepage here.

1 How do I use Skype?

To use Skype, we recommend that you read from the Skype website here.

1 Do I need a Skype account to participate in online lessons and courses?

Yes. All lessons and courses are instructor-led and lessons take place via Skype. To set up an account with Skype is easy and free. To set up an account please click here.

1 Where can I download Skype software from?

We recommend that you download Skype directly from their official website. You can do so by clicking here.

1 Can I use Skype via my mobile during lessons?

We recommend that you do not use mobile connection or Skype via a mobile app or browser apps during your lesson due to the use of shared screens and interactive exercises throughout lessons. Instead we suggest that learners use a computer/laptop with a stable wired or wireless connection for best results.

1 Do I need a webcam and headset?

When having online lessons you have the option to have either an audio lesson or video lesson. You must have a fully-functioning headset with a microphone. Webcams are required for a video lesson.
Please note that if the connection is poor during a video lesson you will be asked to revert to an audio call.

1 Do you provide Skype lessons to children and teenagers?

Yes, we can provide online lessons for children and teenagers (ages 4-17) on special request. To do so, the parent or guardian of the child/teenager must provide written consent for their child/teenager to take part in lessons and pay for lessons on their behalf. It is possible for parents to sit in on their lessons too.

1 What payment methods are available?

We offer direct bank transfers, debit/credit card transaction and PayPal transfers as our means of paying. Please read our payment methods page for further information.

1 When must I pay for my service?

We strictly provide services upon confirmation of payment. After paying for our service we shall send you an email confirmation or documented receipt.

1 How is my payment made secure?

When purchasing for services we provide extra care with transactions by using authorised and external payment solutions such as PayPal . We strictly do not keep your payment details on our website; instead via alternative encrypted measures that we keep on record for up to 6 years as required by English law.
If you have any further queries about our security measures, please contact us.

1 Do you keep my payment details?

Yes, we tend to keep payment details when accepting direct bank transfers. For all transfers we shall keep your payment address and invoices up to 6 years as required by English law.
Please note that our invoices at anytime will only detail your address not detail your personal payment details.

How is payment confirmed?

When a payment is confirmed you shall receive a confirmation email from ourselves stating the amount paid and on which date. This email is your receipt, certain services may offer a documented receipt too. If you wish to have a documented receipt, please request for one.
Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder for any emails from us and mark us as a safe sender!

1 How can I pay for a quotation?

On the quotation that you have received, you shall be given options on how to pay. Usually the options are a direct bank transfer or PayPal transfer. Use our payment details and quote the estimate number on your payment so we know which estimate you shall be paying for. Make sure to pay the estimate before its due date, otherwise the service is automatically cancelled.
When we have received your payment, we shall send a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your payment.
Please note that no work is carried out until payment is confirmed on our behalf.
If you require the work urgently or you are based outside the UK we recommend using PayPal as international bank transfers can take up to 3 days to process- sometimes even longer!

1 I am not happy with my service what should I do?

If you are unhappy with your service and wish to make a complaint please contact us via our contact page, or email or phone us directly stating exactly what your complaint is so we can help assist you with the problem.

1 My Linguist has not turned up to my lesson- what should I do?

If your Linguist has not turned up to your lesson please wait 5 minutes after the lesson was scheduled to start as your instructor might be running late. If the instructor is still not present, try to contact the instructor via Skype.
Failing that, please contact us directly via phone or email so we can solve the problem quickly.

1 I was unable to connect to my online lesson due to connection problems. Can I reschedule?

Unfortunately, when learning online there is the risk that connection problems may occur. We cannot provide the opportunity to reschedule a service or gain a refund.
We strongly recommend that you connect via a wi-fi connection and attend directly through Skype software on a computer/laptop with a functioning headset. Mobile devices and connections tend to experience many difficulties. You should troubleshoot any problems before the lesson starts via Skype > Tools > Options > General Settings.

My Linguist was having connection problems during our online lesson- can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, it may happen where instructors experience connection problems. In this unlikely case, we ask that you print screen your chat log on Skype with your instructor and send it to us directly at Depending on our verdict, we may offer an alternative fixture instead. We do not offer refunds.

If you wish to read our cancellation and refund policies in finer detail, please visit our cancellation policy page.

1  I am unable to attend my booked lesson or consultation. Can I get a full refund?

Our refund policies are different for online and private services.
If you are unable to attend your booked online service then you can receive a full refund if you cancel 48 hours after placing the booking. Alternatively, you can reschedule your booking at the latest 48 hours before the lesson or consultation starts to a time more suitable for you.
Due to the customised nature of private lessons, we do not guarantee a full-refund due to the service costs involved. Please look to your signed contract which shall detail cancellation and refund policies for your specified service.
To request any refunds or to reschedule services please contact us directly at providing your name, booking number and a contact number.

1 My instructor is unable to attend the scheduled fixture, what should I do?

If your instructor has to reschedule and is unable to attend your scheduled lessons then we shall contact you to rebook your lesson at an alternative date/time which both instructors and learners can attend.
We do not offer refunds for instructor cancellations.

1 When am I entitled to a refund?

Our refund policy can depend on the service purchased. If provided a contract, please read from the cancellation policies outlined and use this as your refund policy.
To gain a full refund on online lessons or consultations, you must request to cancel the lesson 48 hours before it is due to start. Although, if the lesson is booked 48 hours before the lesson is scheduled or you wish to cancel the lesson 48 hours before it starts you will not receive a refund.
Private services are mostly dependent on the cancellation and refund policies stated in the contract provided and signed. Due to the nature of payment of service costs such as planning, transport and accommodation for our instructors we cannot offer a full-refund.

1 My instructor was having connection problems during our online lesson- can I get a full refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on lessons when instructors experience connection problems. Instead, we ask that you print screen your log with your instructor and send it to us directly at Depending on our verdict, we may offer an alternative fixture instead.

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